Fire-safe Textiles & Plastics


Fire-retardant materials play a very important role in society. The main drivers are the growing international demand for flame-retardant products as a consequence of more stringent fire safety and environmental requirements, and new approaches to sustainability.

The conference aims to identify the main changes and trends on the flame retardants market and to develop adequate strategies for today and tomorrow.

This international conference will provide a comprehensive update on all aspects of fire-retardancy and FR additives for textiles and plastics.

Conference Office

Ann De Grijse | Centexbel
e-mail: adg [at] centexbel [dot] be
phone : +32 9 243 82 20

Conference Language

The official language of the Conference is English.


New Zebra

Gustaaf Callierlaan 231
Room: Ned Kahn
First Floor
9000 Gent | Belgium

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XRF_sponsor_0.png FRX Polymers, Inc. manufactures Nofia® polyphosphonates - fire retardant plastics. Nofia products are fully transparent, high flowing and, due to their high phosphorus content, are inherently flame retardant. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

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EOC_sponsor_0.png The EOC Group develops compounds, latices, adhesives, surfactants and emulsions in production units in Europe and Asia. EOC Group offers a wide range of high quality products for the textile, carpet, construction, automotive, non-woven, paper cardboard, paint, adhesive, detergents and cosmetic industries.

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